Advantages of getting treatment in GeverArea

    Doctors of our clinic help men to improve and restore potency, conditionally highlighting three main tasks. Depending on your wishes (not without taking into account the possibilities!) the client’s treatment algorithm is being built.

    1. Recovery of sexual indicators in men under the age of 55– 2 sexual acts/week, in men over the age of 55 -1 sexual act/week with an 85-95% erection lasting 5-7 minutes.
    2. Improvement of sexual indicators to the level of 90-100% of the quality of erection with a duration of sexual intercourse of 12-17 minutes.
    3. Giving the client the ability at any time, in any situation, to perform a sexual act lasting about 1 hour against the background of a 100% erection. Moreover, the actions and degree of attractiveness of the partner do not affect the man’s erection in any way: it is guaranteed to be stable.

    Thanks to GeverArea, men 70-80 years old can continue an effective sexual life, enjoying their sexual longevity.

    Important: treatment in our clinic does not harm the General health of clients, including those who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, drug addiction, alcoholism; have undergone coronary bypass surgery and stent placement, cancer, including prostate removal; have a disability due to spinal injuries.

    We help the majority of patients who were rejected by urologists, narcologists and other specialists who are not able to restore sexual function through the usual methods of therapy.

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